Who We Are

Donny and Dana Coulter

Full Bio to come soon....

Donny and Dana have lived in Pincher Creek many years raising their family, working the farm and preaching God's word in this community since moving here from Tennessee many years ago.

Two church congregations have become one. These are our "vows".


This address is from the First Baptist Congregation to the Heartland Congregation

We were always your brothers and sisters in Christ as part of the larger Church

But we have decided to get engaged to you and we feel absolutely privileged to do this.

These are our engagement vows

We want you to continue to be who you are. A body of believers who looks after each other. We don’t want you to lose your close fellowship.

As time goes on we will intend to grow into a larger close fellowship

We do not want one of you to feel left out or unwanted, not one

Your prayers will become our prayers

We desire your prayers

Your hurts will cause us to hurt with you

When you sing and worship and praise God we will worship God also

When your kids run around make noise and even break stuff we are happy that they are in this church

This building is your building

If we say something wrong to you we will apologise

If you say something wrong to us we will forgive you

You have permission to say things we need to hear

We will bear with you and submit to you

We will love and respect your leaders as our leaders

As we get to know your ministries we will support them

We want to know your vision, your hearts desires

We hope you want us

We want you to keep this vow in case you have to remind us

We are going to post this vow to remind us of this great day

Praise God for His mercies

To Donny

We have gotten a glimpse of your heart and character and desire to obey God. We know you take the responsibility of a pastor seriously. We have prayed about our decisions. We joyfully call you be our Interim Pastor.

FBPC has some vows for you also

It’s also our intent and desire to call you to become the Pastor of the Merged Church of Heartland and FBPC before next year.

We resolve to love and accept you, Dana and your family

We resolve to love and accept your Heartland family

We resolve to make your work as our Pastor a joy

We want you to preach Christ to us and watch over us We will respect you when you admonish us

We will uphold you in prayer

We will support and protect you

We will support and pray for your camp ministry

We will test what you teach in the light of scripture

Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is simply: "To know Christ and to make Him known, locally and globally". We are striving to fulfill this goal in all areas of our ministry. 

Our Statement of Faith

Please take the time to read our Statement of Faith. This explains what we, as a church, believe and adhere to. We aim to teach and disciple our congregation based on the principles found in our statement of faith

Our Affiliation

Creekside Community Church is affiliated with Canadian Baptists of Western Canada (CBWC), The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC), and the local ministerial in Pincher Creek - not to keep people out but to bring us together and keep us accountable." For more information on Canadian Baptists of Western Canada, click on the link below.

Our Decans

There are many different facets of being a church. These facets are organized by decans (people involved in our church who are passionate to serve in these areas). If you are looking to serve at Creekside Community there are a number of ways that you can get involved. Talk to any member of the decan board to find out how you can help!

Our Story

Our church has been a part of the Pincher Creek community for many years. We are proud of our community and our heritage. Click on the link below to read more about the history of our church.

Our Constitution

Our Constitution

Our church has a Constitution document, which contains the fundamental principles on which our church as an organization is governed and functions. To view our constitution, click on the link below.

Our Bylaws

Like many churches, we have a set of bylaws which help us manage our church. Click on the button below to see our set of bylaws.


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